Stuff I Love: Tightrope Edition

For your small business
Lifehack has a nice post on Seven Ways to Reduce Your Overhead. I especially like the one about splurging for an accountant, natch. And I’m going to consider ditching my phone – could I really do it?

Jess Van Den on Why I Don’t Haggle for Handmade – very similar to why I refuse to do work “in trade” with my clients. I believe artists should be paid for their work, and by setting the example that money is important, I hope others will insist on getting paid too.

And in the same vein, Rachel talks about whether or not you should ever work for free. My thoughts? Never work for free, for any reason, with the possible exception of doing work for your mom. You owe her one. Doing free work takes time & energy away from doing work that pays (obviously), but it also takes time & energy away from living your awesome life and doing your own thing. Your own creativity should always come before anyone else’s needs.

And for fun
Thank you Miss Malaprop for turning me on to klimbim’s tightrope jewelry. This piece, called Coming Home, is especially meaningful to me right now.